Saturday, August 23, 2008

Caribbean - non-roaming

C&W removes Caribbean roaming charges

Cable & Wireless mobile customers, from today, will no longer have to pay roaming charges with the introduction of its “Home Rate Roaming” product which is a part of the company’s new One Caribbean strategy.

This announcement was made by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cable & Wireless Davidson Charles yesterday during a press launch.

According to Charles, in its one Caribbean initiative, the company is attempting to have one Caribbean space. “In that space, we will be offering more value to our customers when they roam within the Caribbean,” Charles stated.

While explaining the new product, the CEO said that customers on Cable & Wireless Caribbean networks will no longer pay roaming charges for calls to and within the Caribbean but will be charged at a cost as if they were in Antigua.

Incoming calls will continue to be rated as if the person was roaming because of the regulatory environment.

“If you were to go to Barbados and you were to call back home to Antigua, it will be considered a local call, that is our One Caribbean policy.

"If you now make a call to another Caribbean country, that call will be an international call or an IDD call rated,” Charles added.

According to him, the network will be looking at the caller as an Antiguan customer residing in Antigua even though the person may have travelled.

Both pre-paid and post paid customers are expected to benefit immediately from these reductions in cost.

“This is to facilitate our customers having a better experience and increasing the value of services to them,” Charles said.

This Home Rate Roaming will also be launched in all 13 countries where Cable & Wireless operates.

This product is one of the primary initiatives from the new, single pan-Caribbean Cable & Wireless entity which is now taking shape.

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