Friday, August 15, 2008

Roaming - mobile data

Mobile Operator urged not to ban overseas roaming access
see also Adaptive Mobile

AdaptiveMobile, a security provider for mobile subscriber protection, issued a report on the 14 August urging mobile network operators to carefully consider their international mobile broadband strategies, in the wake of a threat from the European Union to impose legal measures to force operators to cut the amount they charge their mobile broadband customers for roaming on overseas networks.

The threat has reportedly lead some operators to consider banning all customers from downloading data through their mobile broadband service while abroad. However, AdaptiveMobile suggests that doing so would possibly lead to a loss of revenue and urged operators to offer a bespoke service to each user on a case by case basis, allowing both private and corporate users the opportunity to elect to pay roaming mobile broadband charges.

AdaptiveMobile's Policy Control Framework sits on the operators network and protects subscribers against illegal or inappropriate content, unsolicited or unauthorised communications, preventing it reaching the network. It works across all mobile services (WAP, SMS, MMS, email), all forms of access (Mobile, WiFi, WiMax) and media including mobile internet, text, images, music, voice and video.

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