Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SingTel and MNP

SingTel makes gains despite full Mobile Number Portability

In a telecoms market where competition is heating up, telecom giant SingTel has maintained its lead, with a 45 percent year-on-year growth, vaulting its customer base 198 million.

This gain is significant, especially in the Singapore market, where full Mobile Number Portability (MNP) was implemented on 13 June 2008. The telecom company added 182,000 new mobile customers in the quarter to bring its total mobile customer base in Singapore to 2.75 million as at 30 June 2008.

SingTel also said that the demand for 3G mobile services grew steadily in Singapore. It reported 961,000 3G mobile subscribers as at 30 June 2008, representing 68 percent of its total postpaid base.

Double-digit growth by associates

According to the company, the overall growth came from eight markets -- Australia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

SingTel said that the regional associates increased their mobile customer bases by between 14 percent and 63 percent compared to a year ago.

Bharti in India added another record 7.40 million new customers to bring its total mobile customer base to 69.38 million and Telkomsel attracted 1.11 million new mobile customers during the quarter.

Advanced Info Service (AIS) also continued to lead the market in Thailand, attracting more than 877,000 new customers. Globe added 1.46 million mobile customers to bring its total base to 22.74 million.

According to SingTel, Warid in Pakistan increased its base by 1.10 million customers to reach 15.49 million mobile customers while in Bangladesh, PBTL saw its total CDMA base growing to 1.70 million customers.

The total customer base of SingTel's Optus in Australia reached 7.24 million. During the quarter, it added 101,000 new mobile subscribers. The company said that it saw a 33 percent increase in 3G subscriptions compared to a quarter ago.

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