Sunday, March 29, 2009

Austria - HSPA+ launched

Mobilkom Austria Claims First European Launch of HSPA+ Mobile Broadband

Mobilkom austria has announced the first European commercial launch of HSPA+, Ericsson's high-speed mobile broadband technology, which offers download speeds of 21Mbps.

Significance - With the sale of their HSPA+ Huawei modem, Telekom Austria has managed to achieve the first commercial version of the service outside Asia, giving the operator significant esteem.

Implications - With Austria leading the European market in mobile broadband, it seems appropriate that the country should be first with an HSPA+ network – but several other European operators are not far behind in taking the plunge.

Outlook - Telekom Austria has struggled with falling fixed-line subscribers and an increase in competition, but the huge growth expected in its mobile broadband market could well be the light at the end of the tunnel for the incumbent.

Telekom Austria has announced that its mobile unit, mobilkom austria, has become the first operator in Europe to launch HSPA+ services—offering a potential mobile data download speeds of 21Mbps. Powered by HSPA Evolution, Ericsson's high-speed broadband-access technology, the operator will roll out the network in parts of Vienna, with further hotspots following throughout the country during 2009.

HSPA+ boosts network capacity and enables peak data rates of up to 21Mbps, with mobilkom austria hoping to reach transmission speeds of up to 28.8Mbps later in the year. The technology will allow a greater number of customers to enjoy higher mobile broadband speeds, especially in congested urban areas. Mobilkom austria is offering its first HSDA+ modem, the Huawei E270+, on its A1 online shop for EUR 49 (US$67).

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