Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bosnia - operator profits

Telecoms players profiting in Bosnia

Two of Bosnia’s three main telecoms operators have released positive figures for 2008.

BH Telecom, the country’s largest operator in the sector, recorded revenue of €321 million in 2008, marking a two per cent rise over 2007. The company also reported net profits of almost €73 million – up four per cent on 2007.

By year’s end 2008, BH Telecom boasted 1.45 million wireless subscribers and 550,000 fixed line voice customers. Furthermore, last year saw subscribers to BH Telecom’s ADSL services surge by 130% to 50,480, with a further 30,000 customers taking dial-up internet services.

BH Telecom’s main domestic rival, Telekom Srpske, has reported a 66% rise in profits for 2008 to almost €61 million, whilst Telekom Srpske’s revenue rose 25% year-on-year to €243 million. The country’s third main operator, HT Mostar, has yet to announce its 2008 figures.

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