Sunday, March 22, 2009

UPnP - standardisation and promotion

ISO, IEC Vet UPnP Standards

The UPnP Forum says its UPnP technology has attained worldwide recognition by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

The Ore.-based forum is an industry initiative designed to provide “simple and robust connectivity” among mobile devices from different vendors, intelligent appliances, computers and consumer electronics. Its UPnP architecture leverages TCP/IP and other Web technologies to enable seamless integration of these devices into existing network infrastructures, and the group says it can be deployed on any operating system and works with any type of physical networking media that supports IP – wired or wireless. UPnP device and service standards have been defined and published for Internet gateways/routers, audio-video media devices, printers, scanners, climate control, lighting and wireless LAN access points along with digital security cameras and such advanced features as security, remote user interface and quality of service.

The ISO and the IEC published an international standard version of the UPnP device architecture and device protocols. “This achievement as the world’s first international standard for device interoperability on IP networks solidifies UPnP architecture’s position as the leading technology for discovery and control of networked devices,” the forum adds.

“The IEC, as the major publisher of international standards for electrical, electronic and related products, is particularly satisfied with the publication of the ISO/IEC 29341 series,” comments Gabriel Barta, head of technical coordination for the IEC. “This series marks a significant step forward in the control of devices in the home and similar environments, many of which are standardized in the IEC.”

According to the forum, “The worldwide adoption of UPnP technology has served as the foundation for the unprecedented growth in certified UPnP implementations during the past year, and emphasized how the industry continues to react to current market demand for a common baseline of interoperability for all networked devices. UPnP technology witnessed a record-breaking number of new UPnP implementations certified in 2008. This increase showcases the accelerated adoption of UPnP specifications as the standards for worldwide device interoperability in IP-based networks.”

“UPnP Forum’s specifications have become the international standard for device interoperability in IP-based home networks worldwide,” says Dr. Alan Messer, president of the UPnP Forum. “The adoption of UPnP specifications as ISO/IEC 29341 validates that position and enables the UPnP’s specifications to be adopted more widely in the international community.” Adds Vice President Toby Nixon, “This worldwide standardization encourages the broadest possible adoption of UPnP technology, not only for industry professionals, but also for consumers and end-users.”

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