Monday, March 23, 2009

India - VoIP for all

BJP IT Vision Ignites VoIP vs Telecom Debate

BJP's IT Vision Document, promising unlimited VoIP access to all if elected to power, has been hailed by the VoIP service provider fraternity, but has queered the pitch for telecom operators

Web telephony or VoIP has emerged as a cost-effective alternative over traditional telephony, and has always been lucrative for Internet surfers. However, due to strong lobbying by telecom operators, it did not make desired headway.

Here's what the various VoIP service providers on the BJP's "unlimited VoIP access to all" promise to get their say.

"Pani apna raasta khud dhoond leta hai," (water finds its own path) said Sunil Kakkad, chief managing director of Sai Info Systems, matter of factly. "If Web telephony comes in, it will break geographical barriers," he said. On asking him why it worries telecom operators, Kakkad said- "The commercial availability of VoIP is the only factor that would make them unhappy."

H. S. Bedi, chief managing director of Tulip Telecom, said, "It would be a good thing if it penetrates into households. We have been demanding this." CDMA and GSM operators would be worried, as they were acting as a roadblock to Internet telephony, Bedi said.

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