Friday, July 17, 2009

Kenya: Telkom has called for mobile number portability to liberate markets

[daily nation] A telecoms company has said that full potential of Kenya's mobile phone services can be realised if the market regulator accents to number portability.

Number portability refers to a feature that enables subscribers to retain their existing mobile numbers when changing their geographic locations, network operators or service types.

Telkom Kenya chief executive Mickael Ghossein said this will give subscribers a wider choice of service.

"If the Communication Commission of Kenya can move to allow number portability, then this will be much welcomed by players," he said.

The CCK on previous occasions has indicated that it would need the approval of all service providers to endorse the feature.

Mr Ghossein spoke during a meeting with Nation Media Group chief executive officer Linus Gitahi at Nation Centre on Wednesday.

He revealed that they would be selling themselves as a one-stop shop for telecommunication service.

"We are the only service provider that can give you voice and data services as well as fixed and CDMA telephone services," he said.

Kenya: Telkom Kenya Calls for Regulation Changes

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