Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mobile: Half Americans would be lost without their cellphones, more than leading European countries

[teleclick] Almost half of Americans now describe mobile phones as an essential part of their daily life that they’d be “lost without,” according to a recent survey by Lightspeed Research.

This suggests that Americans are more reliant on their mobile devices than users in France, Germany, and the U.K., where cell phones were described as essential by less than a third of respondents.

Despite the high reliance on mobile devices, however, a significant percentage of users in all four countries say that they rarely make outgoing calls on their cell phones. In the U.S., 13% of wireless subscribers “never” make outgoing calls, while another 18% make less than three calls a week.

This suggests that there is a notable divide (particularly in the U.S.) between high-volume wireless users who have become reliant on mobile devices, and moderate users who still use landlines for the majority of their telecommunications needs.

49% of Americans would be “Lost” Without Cell Phones, Survey Suggests

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