Monday, July 27, 2009

Mobile Apps: A few developers have already made $1 million from the apps they wrote for the iPhone

[bbc] Once upon a time, most applications for mobiles were limited in what they could do and appealed to few. For most developers striking it rich by writing them was unthinkable.

Apple's iPhone has changed all that and now this tech industry is gaining a reputation as a potential goldmine for some developers.

Some lucky coders are not only managing to earn a living out of their apps, but some have earned their first million that way.

Mac novice Rob Murray is one of the lucky ones. He is now one million dollars richer thanks to a game called Flight Control.

He wrote the basic code for it in days, and managed to complete it within two months with some help from graphic artists.

The interest in handset apps is so high that Stanford University is offering a free online course on how to build them.

Handset apps: is there gold in the code?

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