Thursday, July 23, 2009

VoIP: first ever handset-to-handset VoIP call over a satellite network

[teleclick] Finnish engineering company, Elektrobit, announced yesterday that its technology had been used to complete the first ever handset-to-handset VoIP call over a satellite network.

The call was conducted between two Elektrobit smartphones over the TerreStar-1 satellite communications network. In addition to being the first fully IP-based satellite smartphone, Elektrobit’s handset is also the first satellite phone to feature a touchscreen display and QWERTY keyboard.

“Meeting this objective validates EB’s capabilities to turn mass market mobile technology into enriching devices and experiences for the Mobile Satellite Services industry,” said Jani Lyrintzis, vice president and general manager of Elektrobit’s Wireless Solutions division. “We congratulate TerreStar Networks on their successful first IP-based phone call over the satellite network, and are proud to be part of this momentous occasion.”

Elektrobit Announces First VoIP Call over Satellite Network

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