Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mobile - Demand for dual-mode/dual-SIM handsets spreads from China

[digitimes] Demand for dual-mode and dual-SIM handsets – mostly GSM plus CDMA, PHS or WCDMA – offered by China-based and white-box vendors is gaining momentum in markets outside China, according to industry sources.

Seeing the increasing demand, US-based chipset vendor Qualcomm reportedly plans to launch chipset solutions supporting dual-mode and dual-SIM standards, a segment that has been dominated by Taiwan-based rival MediaTek, the sources noted.

Korea-based vendors Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics (LGE) have already launched dual-mode handsets for global markets, and Apple's next-generation iPhone may also support both CDMA and WCDMA standards, the sources indicated.

Taiwan-based handset vendor Inventec Appliances, which has offered dual-mode handsets since 2007, has started marketing its first 3.5G/GSM dual-mode handset, the C-910, in the Taiwan market in cooperation with Chunghwa Telecom (CHT). The C-910 can also be used as a 3.5G data card, the company said.

HTC (High Tech Computer) is also expected to launch dual-mode models in 2010, the sources added.

Demand for dual-mode/dual-SIM handsets spreads from China

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