Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Australia - Govt statistics show mobile wireless is growing quickly with 3.5 million users last June

[ibtimes] Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) suggests that mobile wireless broadband is the fastest growing Internet access technology. The survey, which involved more than 300 Internet service providers (ISP), showed that mobile broadband penetration grew to 3.5 million users in June.

The figure is 21 per cent higher than in December last year. There are about 9.6 million active Internet subscribers in the country.

According to statistics, digital subscriber line (DSL) is the major technology for connections. The technology accounts for 44 per cent of total connections in Australia.

Since December last year, the percentage share has decreased. Previously, DSL represented 47 per cent of total connections in the country.

The study also shows that 92 per cent of users in Australia have switched to broadband; with 71 per cent experiencing faster download speeds of about 1.5 Mega bits per second (Mbps). Dial-up Internet connections still account for 8 percent of total users.

Study suggests continued growth for mobile wireless broadband
see also AusStats 8153.0 - Internet Activity, Australia, Jun 2010

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