Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fiji - Internet penetration compares badly with other Pacific island states

[fiji times] FIJI'S Internet penetration rate is only 10 per cent compared to smaller countries like Niue, Tokelau and Tuvalu.

Commerce Commission chairman Dr Mahendra Reddy said while information and communication technology can have a profound impact on the economic growth and development of a country, ICT development in Fiji did not fare well when compared with our neighbours.

"In terms of Internet penetration, Fiji has a rate of 10.9 per cent as at 30 September 2009," he said.

"However, Australia and New Zealand have 80.1 per cent and 79.7 per cent respectively."

Dr Reddy said the Cook Islands had 42 per cent, French Polynesia 31.4 per cent, Guam 47.6 per cent, Micronesia 14.9 per cent, New Caledonia 37.4 per cent, Niue 62 per cent, Palau 26 per cent, Tokelau 58 per cent and Tuvalu at 34 per cent.

"This is quite worrying stats," he said. "Especially when for international communications, Fiji is directly linked to the Southern Cross Cable Network, a third generation submarine fibre optic cable system with direct links to Australia, New Zealand and the US West Coast via Hawaii."

Fiji lacks internet reach

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