Monday, September 27, 2010

Singapore - Widespread adoption of cloud applications, including SMEs and plans for more

[istockanalyst] Pacnet, Asia's leading business telecommunications service provider, today released its 2010 Broadband Barometer survey findings for Singapore, which showed a high percentage of hosted applications usage among Singapore small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and a growing sophistication in their planned hosted application usage.

The survey found that hosted security applications were the most popular category of hosted applications among Singapore SMEs, with 9 out of 10 SMEs having deployed at least one hosted security application in 2010. Among the security applications deployed, 89% of SMEs had deployed a hosted firewall or intrusion detection solution.

Interestingly, while the survey found that 29% of SMEs have deployed at least one hosted business application, 32% more indicated their intention to deploy a hosted business application next year. Other hosted applications that SMEs indicated their interest in deploying next year include server virtualization, which was flagged by 43% of SMEs, and 35% said they will deploy hosted data backup solutions next year.

"The high adoption rate of hosted solutions certainly validates the trend that we are seeing in the demand for hosted applications," noted Jacques Grezaud, Managing Director, Pacnet Singapore and Indonesia. "More importantly, many SMEs have indicated their intention to adopt more advanced hosted applications, indicating to us that a significant number SMEs here are ready to move 'into the cloud' to realize the benefits that include a low upfront investment and pay-per-use pricing."

"We have definitely seen increased adoption of ICT applications among our members, especially among those who have been expanding their businesses beyond Singapore," said Stephen Lim, Technology Committee Chairman, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI). "SMEs are recognizing that deploying new hosted applications need not be complex or expensive, but yet, have a positive impact on their businesses. However, their challenge remains with the evaluation and selection of suitable solution and vendors."

Findings from the Pacnet Broadband Barometer also revealed that Internet access is now ubiquitous among SMEs in Singapore -- with 95% of businesses with 5 to 999 employees having Internet access. According to AMI Partners, these SMEs (5-999 employees) in Singapore are expected to spend in excess of US$138 million (S$193 million) on Internet access in 2010, and the majority of this is expected to be on broadband Internet access.

The study has also reported a continued rise in the adoption of higher Internet speeds by companies of all sizes. Compared to a similar study conducted by Pacnet in 2006 where the most common connection speed was 512 Kbps, the latest study found that the most common connection speed has moved up to the 2 to 10 Mbps category.

Singapore Businesses Embracing Applications in the Cloud

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