Thursday, September 16, 2010

Denmark - Ministry says state-owned company may not administer telecommunications, despite launching DSB Talk

[cph post] Transport Ministry says state-owned company may not administer telecommunications

Much ado was made about national rail service DSB’s new telecommunications company, DSB Talk, which was launched yesterday.

However, it was immediately clear that DSB should have been in contact with the Transport Ministry prior to the move, because the firm had been shut down by the end of the day.

According to Politiken newspaper, the ministry instructed DSB to close the venture because it believed the law forbids a state-owned concern from operating a telecommunications company.

Niklas Marschall, the managing director of the project’s parent company DSB Mobil, said his legal advisors had confirmed DSB Talk was fully within the law and given the go-ahead for the venture.

DSB Talk had offered customers several unique perks, including the possibility of toll-free use of their mobile phones while travelling on S-trains.

At a crisis meeting between the transport minister and DSB representatives yesterday evening, it was also revealed that a special consumer ombudsman will be assigned to the rail service, primarily for the purpose of ensuring steadier operations of public trains.

Rail company’s telecommunication venture lasts one day

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