Friday, October 08, 2010

Africa - Claims that it is "reinventing itself" using Internet technology

[the guardian] Six young software developers start the morning with a team meeting about implementing cloud computing solutions for an international client. This isn't Silicon Valley, Seoul or Bangalore. It's Kigali, Rwanda.

East Africa is in the process of reinventing itself. The government of Rwanda has invested heavily in IT infrastructure to bring high speed internet connections to even the most remote parts of this small, resource-poor country. Kenya, similarly, has ambitious plans to become a highly wired nation and attract a share of the growing market in international business outsourcing.

Only a year ago, east Africa was the last major region on Earth without fibre-optic broadband internet connections. People were forced to rely on painfully slow and prohibitively expensive satellite connections. However, the recent arrival of three submarine fibre-optic cables into the Indian Ocean port of Mombasa has now fundamentally altered the connectivity of the region.

Will broadband internet establish a new development trajectory for east Africa?

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