Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Angola - Govt issues policy document on ICTs to boost economic growth

[angola press] The angolan minister of High Education Science and Technology, Candida Teixeira, on Monday considered that the White Paper on Telecommunications aims to enhance the social and economic development of the information society and contribute to poverty reduction and hunger erradication.

Opening the seminar on the "High Level of the White Paper on TICs and the Legislative Reform of the Sector of Telecommunications and Information Technologies" the minister stated that the White Paper is also aimed to coordinate and articulate the actions of the heads of the sector, rationalize resources and maximize its impact so as the better use of the technologies.

The creation of the White Paper proposes the viability of integrated services of electronic communications of the information society, promote the need for policies and actions leading to the development of the sector for 2010-2015 - the minister said, adding that TICs are determinant for the competitiveness of the organizations in a globalized world and for the creation of the information society for all.

On the legislative reform of the sector, the minister said that the initiative aims at a more flexible regulatory framework accordingly to changes of technological convergences and services and to take advantage of the technological development tendencies to provide quality services at affordable prices.

White Paper on TICs enhance development - minister

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