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Call for Papers: Conference on social networking and communications, the big and small screens in Copenhagen

[CMI] Social Networking and Communities: The big and the small screen
26-27 November, 2009, Aalborg University Copenhagen, Ballerup, Denmark
First Call for Papers

The Second CMI conference

Worldwide, people connect via the web and extend their social communities beyond what could ever have been realized without the web. Denmark globally has one of the highest numbers of users of web-based social networking sites per habitant. Till now, users of web-based social networking and communities have mainly used traditional computers with large screens. For many users, the concept of social networking means always on which sets focus on the trend of being able to do social networking also on smart phones and other smaller screens. The transition from the big screen to the small screen in relation to social networking and communities outlines a number of challenges that the second CMI conference will discuss. Areas to be discussed are: how to secure the privacy for social network users; which are the demands to operators/content providers on the price structure; how can the technological sustainability be secured with the smaller screens; which are the alternative interaction mechanisms to secure that users still have a good user experience; which new types of services will be relevant to mobile devices; how will the different initiatives and services coexist and which demands must be set to the standardization when convergence takes place in this way?

The second CMI conference discusses the demands and challenges set out to the market and the stakeholders; to the technology and the interaction between users and the technology; and the users and their demands to the mobile part of the web-based social networking. CMI welcomes extended abstracts related to research on computer based social networking with particular focus on the following topics (but is in no way limited to):

  • Mobility and social networks
  • Privacy and trust in social networks
  • User generated content and applications
  • User experience and acceptance of social network initiatives
  • New interaction mechanisms in social networks
  • New services and applications for mobile devices facilitating social networks
  • Business models for social networks
  • Standardization and regulation aspects of mobile social networks
  • Convergence in social networks
  • Professional social networks and organisational impacts

instructions for authors

Abstracts (maximum 2 pages): August 14
Abstract acceptance notification: September 1
Full papers submission: October 30

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