Sunday, April 26, 2009

UK: Magistrate resigns after complaints over his use of Twitter

[BBC] Mr Molyneux argues the judicial system needs to embrace new technology
A magistrate has resigned from the bench following a complaint about his use of the Twitter network.

IT consultant Steve Molyneux, from Telford, Shropshire, posted messages on the social networking site about cases at the town's magistrates' court.

He said everything he reported on Twitter had already been said in open court and he had done nothing illegal.

Mr Molyneux said he had been making use of the latest technology to bring "transparency" to the judicial system.

The people who read the Twitter read the same thing in the newspaper that evening

Steve Molyneux
Former magistrate

Mr Molyneux, a magistrate for 16 years, said he chose to resign after an individual within the court system lodged a complaint.

"I think things have escalated out of control," he said.

"I was using the technology after hearing a remand case just to inform local people and others that follow me in my role of magistrate and didn't think I'd done anything wrong.

"I didn't prejudice a case, I didn't do anything like that."

Magistrate resigns in Twitter row

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