Sunday, April 26, 2009

UAE: the regulator has criticised Etisalat for its implementation of Carrier Pre-Selection which is unavailable on one third of fixed lines

[TRA] Committed to transparency, customers interest and to promote competition through the provision of telecommunication services within the UAE including Fixed Line services.

In 2005 the TRA issued the Carrier Pre select Policy and in corporation with both companies to enable such services in Etisalat switches. The TRA had appointed technical consultants to help Etisalat in finding technical solution to provide this service without requiring the replacement of the switches.

In this regard, H.E. Mohamed Al Ghanim, TRA Director General, stated “Etisalat had updated and enabled 70% of its switches which covers only 66% from UAE residents that’s means 34% of the UAE resident in main cities are left out”.

Etisalat’s took a decision to stop the project in December 2008 just before enabling the service in January 2009 despite the availability of a technical solution recommended by the TRA. The TRA considered this action as a deliberate delay in the introduction of competition in Fixed Line service using Carrier Pre Select feature and decided to replace the switches and make the service available in end of 2010 i.e almost 2 years of delay.

To this end, Mr. Al Ghanim commented: “The TRA aims to give a choice to Fixed Line customers as it has been given the choice between both service providers with respect to mobile network service at which both service providers compete in providing the best services and have both recorded great level of customer service”.

34% of the UAE Residents are out side the coverage of the Carrier Pre Selection

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