Thursday, April 30, 2009

Calling cards: a card to allow pre-paid calls from mobile phones, without changing SIMs

[prnewswire] Vectone, the international call specialist has launched the future of calling cards: ZeroZero. The first product of its kind in the UK, ZeroZero is a pre-paid, call routing gadget that gives users the option to make calling card rate, international calls from their mobile.

ZeroZero fits between the user's mobile phone and the existing SIM card and recognises when the user dials an international number. The gadget routes the call through a local access number and uses Vectone's low cost international network to make the call at a fraction of the price of a standard direct dial international call from a mobile.

Vectone believes this will attract contract users with free minutes in their bundle to use them in conjunction with ZeroZero to get low rate international calls. ZeroZero requires a one off installation and can then be topped up through retail outlets such as Epay or Payzone, direct through IVR from the user's handset, or online at

Jon Fisher, Chief Marketing Officer said, "We are delighted to offer our calling card customers the next generation of the international calling card, a product that delivers simplicity of installation and use, ease of top up, coupled with the amazing value Vectone offers for international calls."

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Vectone Launches the Future of Calling Cards: ZeroZero

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