Monday, April 27, 2009

UK: Govt has ruled out a single national database, but launched a consultation on traffic data retention

[Home Office] We want your opinion on how communications information should be collected and stored in order to prevent crime, and catch and prosecute criminals.

We’ve launched a consultation that suggests new ways for phone companies and internet service providers to collect and store data. The information they collect helps us catch criminals, find missing people and protect children from paedophiles.

The consultation, called ‘Protecting the public in a changing communications environment’ aims to find the right balance between privacy and security by suggesting ways to maintain our ability to collect and store communications data. It explicitly rules out setting up a single storage place for all communications data.

Instead, it suggests that we legislate to allow communications service providers (CSPs) to collect and keep information, including communications data from third parties, which might be needed by police and other public authorities. It also suggests that CSPs organise this data, so that police, security services and other law enforcement agencies can access the information they need more quickly and easily.

What do you think about communications data collection and storage?

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