Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mobile phones: A highly robust handset with the Land Rover brand for STG 300

[autoexpress] You’ve got the car, now get the phone to go with it! Land Rover has launched a new, hardcore mobile phone to compliment the Land Rover Defender.

The Land Rover S1 is a real adventurer’s phone. It offers one metre water resistance for 30 minutes, drop, shock and micro-particle (dust and dirt) resistance too.

The S1’s impressive durability has earned it the World’s first IP-67 classification (which is reserved for the most durable of phones).

As well as being Lara Croft compatible, the S1 features a waterproof two-megapixel camera (with flash), GPS capability, a torch, an FM radio, space for 2GB extra memory, Bluetooth and web capability.

Seeing as the S1 has some clever gizmos on the inside, it ought to protect them – which is why Land Rover made sure it was just as hardy as its cars.

In addition to being micro-particle resistant the S1 can operate in temperatures ranging from -20400kg weight is dropped on it and can last for up to 18 hours if you’re talking or 1500 hours if it’s just going to live in your pocket.

Should you find yourself in a noisy tomb you can make full use of the S1’s extra loud speakers.

Indestructible Land Rover Phone
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