Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mobile video: YouTube is reporting increasing upload of video content from mobile phones

[IT Portal] In an interesting finding which marks the increasing use of smartphones in uploading content on video-sharing platforms, Google-owned YouTube is reporting that the count of videos uploaded using mobile phones rose incredibly by 1,700 percent over the last six months.

The company further asserted that the arrival of video-recording enabled devices into the market massively contributed to this impressive figure, with the Apple’s new iPhone 3GS made substantial contributions in a short period of just more than a week.

The most popular video sharing platform reported that since iPhone 3GS was launched on Friday 19th June, video content uploads using mobile phones have increased notably by 400 percent.

In addition to the launch of the gadgets sporting video-recording feature, YouTube’s revamped services that paved way for faster and simpler use has been accredited for such a phenomenal growth.

Touting the changes made in the YouTube’s features, its parent company Google said in a statement, “People can complete a simple, one-time connection on the upload page to allow all their friends and followers to get a real-time stream of their uploads to YouTube”.

The video portal recently added some buttons below the video windows on its platform that enables users to share their content with other users that have Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader accounts.

Youtube Reports Surge In Video Upload By Mobile Phones

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