Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Roaming: Orange has new tariffs for enterprise mobility, with 50 and 100MB bundles

[v3] Orange has announced a new portfolio of offers and services under the Travel Data for Multinationals banner.

The operator said that the new products had been designed to save on roaming charges and cut contract complexity for business users, and to provide "clear and predictable pricing".

AdvertisementThe four packages differ slightly depending on the end user's needs. Travel Data Monthly Europe is a 100MB bundle for laptop users who travel frequently in Europe, while Travel Data Monthly Worldwide offers a monthly 100MB bundle for laptop users who travel frequently outside Europe.

Travel Data Daily Europe provides a daily 50MB bundle for occasional European travellers, and Travel Data Email offers a monthly 10MB bundle for email device users who often travel far and wide.

Orange said that each package had been designed with ease of use and clarity in mind, and that contracts and allocation can be centrally managed. Phone bills resulting from international travel will never include any unexpected surprises, according to the firm.

"For multinational corporations in particular, maintaining a mobile workforce is a necessity. Our new portfolio cuts through the confusion associated with earlier data roaming offers," said Jacques Demaƫl, executive vice president for enterprise line of business at Orange Business Services.

"The packages are simple to understand and designed with flexibility in mind. Individuals can change them monthly, based on anticipated travel or usage, and corporations can be assured that we can help their workforce stay agile and mobile in the most cost-effective way."

All four services are available now for customers in the UK, France, Belgium, Poland, Spain and Switzerland but pricing has yet to be confirmed.

Orange unveils new roaming tariffs for multinationals

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