Sunday, December 20, 2009

Burma - 150,000 CDMA "lines" to be added in Rangoon and Mandalay

[xinhua] The Myanmar telecommunication authorities will add 150,000 more CDMA phone lines in two major cities of Yangon and Mandalay this month to provide better telecommunication services, the state-run Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications said on Monday.

Of them, 100,000 CDMA 800 MHz phone lines will be installed in Yangon, while the remaining 50,000 will be installed in Mandalay, the sources said, adding that such phone lines cost 500,000 Kyats (about 500 U.S. dollars) each, cheaper than the former previously available.

Voice message, fax and short message services are rendered with the CDMA 800 MHz phones but accessible only within the limited area, the sources said.

A former CDMA 450 MHz phone card costs about 1.5 million Kyats (about 1,500 dollars) and its accessibility covers the whole country.

The number of CDMA phone lines stood 205,500, while that of GSM phones hit 375,800 and auto-phones reached 153,344 in the country in 2008, according to statistics.

CDMA phones have been extensively used in Myanmar since it was introduced in 1997 after cellular ones in 1993. GSM followed in 2002.

Meanwhile, Myanmar is also making efforts to introduce world's up-date audio-visual mobile phone for use in the country for the first time to upgrade its telecommunication links.

The upgraded system will be based on the existing GSM network, the authorities said, adding that the introduction of 3-G WCDMA system represents Myanmar's entry into a new phase of its mobile phone system.

Moreover, Myanmar has planned full coverage of public access centers (PAC) in every township in the country by this year to facilitate communication links.

There has been over 400 PAC opened in 44 townships in Myanmar since 2004.

According to the authorities, the number of internet users in Myanmar has reached over 300,000, up from merely dozens in four years ago.

Myanmar to install 150,000 more mobile phones in two major cities

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