Saturday, December 12, 2009

Europe - ICT vendors are concerned over protectionist requirement of Chinese procurement regime

[euractiv] Brussels-based ICT federations are in the middle of a public procurement battle with China as the country is pursuing a "protectionist" new law favouring home-grown technology over foreign innovation, according to industry insiders

Insiders and diplomats reveal that Brussels is putting pressure on their Chinese counterparts to lobby against a public procurement law favouring home-grown Chinese technology.

Sources say a registry for foreign companies closed yesterday afternoon (9 December) asking companies to fulfil a set of criteria for access to the Chinese market.

The law's provisions, according to sources, stipulate that at least some of a product's component parts or technology should be developed locally in order to be considered for government tenders.

Sources say the law will affect all ICT and clean-tech companies and is the extension of an earlier spat over leaks of confidential information from foreign companies to Chinese competitors. Government agencies that demanded detailed data on clean-tech products were caught leaking product information to home-grown firms.

Brussels angry about new Chinese tech wall

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