Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Uganda Telecom cuts call rates by seventy per cent

[new vision] UGANDA telecom has discounted its tariffs by 70% for the Christmas holiday that will see its subscribers pay as little as sh100 per minute or sh3 per second until January 15.

According to a press statement said the discount underscored the company's appreciation for the support rendered by its customers in 2009.

"Communication being integral to the key bonds that keep people happy together, Uganda telecom wants its subscribers to facilitate easy connection and reunions of family members, friends and loved ones in the long festive season.

"We are in that time of the year when every one wants to lay-back and cool off the heat of the year's labours.

"People will need to connect and speak to long lost friends, family members and all manner of acquaintances.

"It is a time of boundless delight and we want to do our part to ensure this once-in-a-year party time is enjoyed to the full.

"With our unparalleled tariff discount, all our customers will be able to talk to whoever they want to talk to," explained Mark Kaheru, the communications manager.

Uganda Telecom Cuts Call Rates By Seventy Percent

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