Sunday, December 20, 2009

Visage mobile - predictions for 2010

[prweb] As the year draws to a close, and more smartphones enter the market, many companies are left wondering what next year will bring for enterprise mobility management. To answer these questions, Visage Mobile today released its top five predictions for how enterprise mobility will evolve in 2010 and the impact those trends will have on IT and business. Visage Mobile is a leading enterprise mobility management company that enables businesses to take control of their mobility budget and inventory and set policies that govern employee usage of smartphones and mobile broadband. Over 150 US based corporations have loaded their mobile billing data and device data into the Visage cloud-based application, which provides usage data on over 50,000 U.S. employees spread across all geographies and industry verticals.

"This year enterprise smartphone adoption accelerated – making the leap from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ with more employees using their mobile phone for business and more enterprises adopting corporate mobility policies. In 2010 it will become mandatory to have a corporate mobility policy in place,” said Tim Weingarten, CEO of Visage Mobile. "Lessons learned from this year’s economic climate will force enterprises to look for new opportunities to cut expenses and avoid excess spend, and the first place they should look is their mobile costs. With next generation Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies quickly replacing traditional Telecomm Expense Management (TEM) consultants, businesses will begin to see immediate ROI from new solutions with a near zero footprint.”

Visage Mobile’s predictions reveal that in spite of the economy, next generation enterprise mobility management will continue to see strong growth and investment over the next year - a prediction that industry analysts agree with as well. Here's a summary of Visage Mobile’s 2010 predictions-- we'll blog here on each prediction over the coming weeks:

1. Wireless carrier mobile data usage pricing models will adapt in 2010 to usage-based and tiered models like wired broadband.

2. Adoption of corporate-liable plans will increase, but with individual-liable devices.

3. Surge in corporate adoption of employee smartphones and app phones.

a. Visage Mobile is seeing, within our customer base, the clear trend towards IT acceptance and employee adoption of both iPhones and Android devices.
b. Our customers with the highest smartphone adoption (average 35-40 percent across our customer base) are increasingly focused on employee’s accessing corporate cloud applications, like, with their smartphones and not just employee email.

4. Increase in 3G mobile broadband adoption in employee laptops.

5. Businesses will move away from traditional TEMs and adopt next generation SaaS based applications to manage their mobile spend, set and monitor employee mobility policies and track device usage and inventory within their employee base.

Top Five Enterprise Mobile Predictions for 2010

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