Wednesday, December 30, 2009

CIO - Challenges of containing costs in a recession

[newsfactor] The need to do more with constrained budgets was the top headache for CIOs in 2009, but telecom, Apple, Inc.'s iPhone, and Oracle Fusion also caused pain. Ignoring telecom inefficiencies can be costly, and CIOs strived for control. The iPhone explosion also was a problem, as was Oracle Fusion as Oracle melds multiple technologies.

If you ask a dozen CIOs what their top 10 headaches were in the past 12 months, they'd probably offer up a few dozen different answers. But there are a few headaches that seem common to CIOs no matter what industry or what part of the world they work in.

Beyond the ongoing Microsoft Relevant Products/Services Patch Tuesdays, keeping up with the latest technology standards, and the proliferation of diverse mobile gadgets, CIOs report headaches around the unexpected and newly encountered tasks that fell in their laps in 2009. The most common answer: Accomplishing more with a smaller budget.

"In a stagnant or shrinking economy -- which is what we were facing going into 2009 -- CIOs are frequently asked to accomplish technology delivery in the context of efficiency Relevant Products/Services but also budgetary limits or even shrinkage," said Laef Olson, CIO for RightNow Technologies, an on-demand customer Relevant Products/Services experience software developer in Bozeman, Mont., with customers like Electronic Arts, eBay and Virgin. "The headache comes when the business needs are pressing -- say executing on improving customer experience to retain existing customers -- but the budget is fixed."

Budgets, Telecom Among Top CIO Headaches in 2009

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