Monday, December 28, 2009

France - regulator wanrs SFR and Orange they must meet their coverage requirements

[total telecom] Telcos had not reached required coverage standards by 21 August, according to French regulator.

French telecommunications regulator Arcep Wednesday said it has warned the mobile operators of France Telecom and Vivendi SA they must respect their obligations in terms of third-generation mobile coverage.

The 3G coverage of France Telecom's Orange and Vivendi's SFR as of Aug. 21 didn't meet the commitments made at the time of tenders for 3G licenses, Arcep said.

Orange France's 3G network covered 84% of the population and SFR's covered 74% Aug. 21, Arcep said.

Click here to find out more!The regulator noted that on Dec. 1 Orange France had improved its coverage to 87% of the population and SFR to 81% of the population.

However, Orange France must continue to improve coverage to reach 91% of the population by the end of 2010 and 98% by the end of 2011, Arcep said.

Arcep insists Orange, SFR must meet 3G obligations

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