Monday, February 01, 2010

Apple - The very strange choice of the Micro-SIM instead of the conventional SIM in the iPad

[Wired] Steve Jobs’ bid to create a new product category with the iPad includes a new approach to connectivity: Wi-Fi with 3G as an (expensive) option. And the fact that iPad users will be able to buy data plans on a month-to-month basis, without contracts, is a welcome development.

But in other ways, Apple has squandered a delicious opportunity to add its weight to the open-carrier movement.

Not only has Apple extended its widely reviled partnership with AT&T, but it has pointedly made it difficult to bring your own broadband to the ostensibly unlocked device by swapping in the SIM card of your choice.

Instead of using the standard SIM card found in GSM phones around the world (including the iPhone), Apple went with the 50-percent smaller micro SIM format, found in only one other device in the United States: a children’s GPS watch.

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Why You Can’t Use Your Phone’s SIM in the iPad

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