Friday, February 12, 2010

Enterprise mobility - AT&T Receives Highest Ranking in Current Analysis' U.S. Enterprise Mobility Company Assessment

[at&t] AT&T* announced today that it has received the highest ranking among Tier 1 Carriers in the most recent Current Analysis U.S. Enterprise Mobility Company Assessment. The ranking highlights AT&T’s integrated, forward-looking and diverse enterprise mobility portfolio of wireless and wireline solutions.

AT&T’s strengths in enterprise mobility can be attributed to the following factors, according to Current Analysis:

* AT&T is at an advantage with its integrated enterprise mobility portfolio of wireless and wireline offerings, including bundle packages of devices and plans that simply and seamlessly support customers’ business plans.
* AT&T offers a number of forward-looking, innovative services including fixed/mobile convergence solutions, managed mobility, mobile device management and hosted mobile applications, as well as machine to machine (M2M) applications.
* AT&T is deeply rooted in third-party device and applications support. It has more than 300 enterprise mobile applications and more than 300 specialty vertical devices certified to run on its wireless network.

“Enterprises are more mobile than ever before and employees must stay connected to be efficient, effective and competitive in today’s business environment,” said Kitty Weldon of Current Analysis. “AT&T has demonstrated itself as a valuable provider of enterprise mobility solutions to both customers and vendors with the best selection of operating systems and the most diverse set of featurephones. Furthermore, AT&T has emerged as a proactive leader in forward-looking services such as machine-to-machine communications through its commitment and investment in innovation to drive wireless capabilities into a wide variety of devices beyond traditional handsets for businesses.”

With more than a century of experience owning and operating one of the world’s largest networks, and with the broadest international coverage of any U.S. wireless provider, AT&T provides a comprehensive portfolio of mobile enterprise solutions to customers that help enhance productivity through real-time customized information and location-based services.

AT&T is focused on the delivery and support of mobile applications to companies, both directly and by working with dozens of alliances in 14 industries, including manufacturing, financial services, consumer packaged goods, retail trade, construction, transportation, utilities, government, education and health care. AT&T has a dedicated group of experts for each major industry vertical in addition to a mobility applications consulting team, ensuring each solution is designed and deployed according to the customer’s specific business needs.

The Current Analysis ranking was conducted by industry-recognized analysts who are trusted as providers of tactical, actionable competitive research. Their ranking is based on analysis of news and product announcements, financial and stock market information, industry forecasts, technology developments, and their own in-depth knowledge of the industries they cover.

AT&T Receives Highest Ranking in Current Analysis' U.S. Enterprise Mobility Company Assessment

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