Saturday, February 06, 2010

Europe 2020 - Commission has published responses to its consultation

[ec] The public consultation on Europe 2020, which the Commission launched on 24th November 2009, officially closed on 15 January 2010. Since then, a considerable number of contributions have still been submitted. To date, the Commission has received well over [1500] contributions from a wide range of interested parties: Member States, EU and national organisations, social partners from both the EU and national levels, regional and local authorities, business and professional federations, individual companies, NGOs, 'think tanks', representatives of the academic community and numerous European citizens. Some non-EU countries and stakeholders also responded.

Even though it will take some more time to finalise the analysis, the Commission considers it important to provide preliminary indications as to the main trends emerging from the consultation before the Informal European Council which will meet on 11 February. A more detailed overview of the results of the public consultation will be made available in the next few weeks.

Europe 2020 – public consultation - First overview of responses
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