Wednesday, February 10, 2010

UK - STG 45,000 for rural broadband connection

[daily mail] A couple who want a broadband connection for their home and guesthouse business have been told by BT it will cost £45,000 to have it installed.

Ray and Frei Walker have managed with an old 'dial-up' service for the last nine years at their detached Victorian home in Dufton, Cumbria.

But when they decided to change it up for high-speed broadband they were hit with the massive quote from British Telecom.

The company said the high price is to cover the cost of new equipment which it admits could also be accessed by others in the village.

At present there is BT broadband access for the 150 villagers but the company says there is no more capacity for new users.

You want broadband? That'll be £45,000, BT tells couple

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