Thursday, July 08, 2010

Australia - The poor opinion of mobile premium providers could stall m-payment services

[itwire] The poor reputation of well-known mobile premium services could stall the uptake of much more desirable, but lesser known, forms of mobile payment services, according to an ACMA study.

The study was released last week ahead of the scheduled review of the one-year-old mobile premium services code that has done much to clean up the poor image of these services and drive shonks out of the market.

The ACMA last week issued the results of a commissioned study on attitudes towards the use of mobile payment services. It found that "Overall, respondents were extremely receptive to the idea of future mobile payment services. Most could recognise benefits of using mobile payment services over current electronic methods."

However it also concluded that awareness was low, and that the perception of mobile payment services tainted by those services with the highest profile, namely mobile premium services.

"There is low awareness of new mobile payment services, though the majority are aware of mobile premium services…Respondents felt these services, particularly the subscription services, are deliberately targeting these vulnerable age groups, who are more likely to act on impulse and may not read or understand the terms and conditions," the report said.

Communications Alliance yesterday announced that it had commenced its scheduled review of the Mobile Premium Services Code with a call for comments from interested parties.

Communications Alliance CEO, John Stanton said the ACMA's study would "help inform the review of the Mobile Premium Services Code and provides interesting insights into consumer awareness of protections currently available."

Bad vibes around mobile premium services could stall mobile payment services
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