Wednesday, July 28, 2010

UK - O2 (telefonica) is investigating roaming charges for customers who had turned off data roaming on Apple iPhone

[topnews] O2 probing iPhone hefty roaming bills problem

UK mobile phone operator O2 is probing why iPhone users have been facing hefty roaming bills despite turning off data roaming while abroad.

A spokesperson for O2 acknowledged the glitch, and assured they already had launched an investigation into the matter. The manufacturer of popular iPhones has also been briefed about the problem.

The UK iPhone users have been complaining that were slapped with hefty roaming bills despite following all the necessary steps to avoid the data charges, such as turning the data roaming facility off while out of country.

It is believed that the problem emerged due to a glitch in the phone’s software. The problem has reportedly affected iPhones on all networks, but most of the reported cases have being coming from O2 customers.

O2 has reportedly started making refunds to customers who have fallen victim to unfairly bulky roaming bills.

The new glitch could hit Apple's reputation further down as company’s new iPhone 4 has already been dogged by the so-called Death Grip signal problem.

O2 probing iPhone hefty roaming bills problem

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