Wednesday, July 14, 2010

UK - BT and TalkTalk have sought judicial review of the Digital Economy Act as harming basic rights and freedoms of citizens

[bbc] BT and TalkTalk are seeking a judicial review of the controversial Digital Economy Act, BBC News has learned.

The two internet service providers want the High Court to clarify the legality of the act before it is implemented.

The act was "rushed through" parliament before the general election, they say.

Both think it had "insufficient scrutiny" and question whether its proposals to curb illegal file-sharing harm "basic rights and freedoms".

The act became law shortly before parliament was dissolved in the so-called wash-up period.

It meant it was subject to a shorter debate than other acts. MPs from all parties, including deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, protested at the time that the complex bill should have been debated for longer.

BT and TalkTalk challenge Digital Economy Act

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