Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hong Kong SAR - A mobile guide for visitors in English and Chinese with video tours and "suggestions" of places to visit

[etravelblackboardasia] Interactive Mobile Device Set to be Hong Kong’s Definitive Guide for Travelers

Due to launch in late August 2010, visitors to Hong Kong will soon have the most comprehensive and innovative guide to the city in the palm of their hand.

‘ask Ting Ting’, an interactive, electronic mobile device that introduces business and leisure travelers to the best of Hong Kong, contains over 40 entertaining video tours, as well as suggestions for dining, shopping, entertainment and sports & recreation.

With charming TV presenter Sarah Lian as the host, users can choose from over two hours of video content. Informative and engaging, these videos are presented in a lively, lighthearted format. Shot with a professional international film crew, and with a script penned by a Hollywood-based writer, these entertaining clips highlight key tourist spots, offer trivia tidbits and deliver fun facts.

The ideal traveling companion and in-the-know expert, ‘ask Ting Ting’ is designed with an intuitive user interface. Tourists and business travelers alike can begin their journey of discovery by selecting a category of choice. From here, users will find over 500 points of interest, from Hong Kong’s historic sites and hip hangouts, to chic shops and hidden treasures. They can receive restaurant and shopping recommendations, locate nearby attractions and get updates on local festivals or public transport. The list of Hong Kong hotspots featured by ‘ask Ting Ting‘ is compiled by a panel of local experts and updated on a regular basis.

‘ask Ting Ting’ was created by Mobile Guide (HK) Limited and will be available at Hong Kong’s premium hotels.

“‘ask Ting Ting‘ will provide hotel guests with a unique, innovative and entertaining service,” explains Matthias Hendrichs, Founder and Managing Director of Mobile Guide. “In return, ‘ask Ting Ting’ offers hotels a unique opportunity to communicate with their guests, allowing them to promote the property’s facilities.”

“Along with the mobile device and software application, Mobile Guide offers hotels technical support and regular updates. For visiting MICE delegates, ‘ask Ting Ting‘ provides added value since we can upload the meeting’s agendas, input participants’ contact details and include any relevant presentations.”

The ultra-slim, all-in-one device doubles as a mobile phone. Since ‘ask Ting Ting‘ includes a Hong Kong SIM card, users don’t incur budget-busting roaming fees or have to download or install the software on their own phones. They also enjoy free local calls as well as unlimited Internet and email access. In addition, a built-in camera lets users snap photos and instantly email the images to family and friends.

Packed with practical features, the GPS-based maps offer point-to-point navigation to ensure travelers always find their way. ‘ask Ting Ting‘ also includes a range of thoughtful extras, such as the ‘Take Me Home’ feature that provides users with the most direct route from their current position to their hotel. Equally important, all addresses are presented in both English and Chinese, ensuring local taxi drivers recognize the requested location. As well, local emergency numbers, such as police, taxis and the hotel concierge, are preset for easy access.

Since ‘ask Ting Ting‘ operates on a web-based content management system, users can receive timely, up-to-date information. This means visitors can easily be updated on daily specials, last-minute cancellations or one-day events.

Local partners, such as retail shops and hotel operators, can also access this system, providing visitors with updated and relevant information on discounts or exclusive offers.

With its cutting-edge technology, interactive format and entertaining content, ‘ask Ting Ting‘ has all the answers. This all-in-one device is destined to be the must-have guide for every Hong Kong visitor.

Want The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Hong Kong? Ask Ting Ting

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