Wednesday, July 14, 2010

USA - Satellite communications are being used for lowly populated and geographically remote areas

[prweb] Over the last couple decades, the country has seen a boom in its telecommunications infrastructure, with homes and businesses alike enjoying lightning fast internet access, along with all the benefits that it entails. Well, almost all of the country that is. Lowly populated and geographically obscure regions have been forced to watch from the sidelines as new fiber optic technologies are created for everyone else, leaving them stuck in the 90s with comically slow dial-up connections.

No longer does it have to be this way. On the spots of the map that the big Telecommunications companies have deemed economically unviable, (an authorized retailer of HughesNet®) steps in to provide the rest of the country with satellite internet and the broadband access that it deserves.

Offering both purchase and leasing options, virtually any home with an unobstructed view towards the southern horizon can purchase a satellite dish and access plans ranging incrementally from 15 to 75 times faster than dial-up. Starting Monday (July 12, 2010) until Friday (July 16, 2010), new customers receive an extra $50 off all HughesNet® equipment after mail-in rebates (that’s up to $410 dollars cash back exclusively from!). Also, for a limited time, all new customers will receive $20 off their monthly bill for the first three months after mail-in rebate.

At last, the final frontier of broadband coverage has the opportunity to partake in the social and economic growth that high speed internet has brought. No more having to drive to a nearby library, no more signing off when you need to make a phone call, and no more headaches from a connection so slow that it makes you feel like you’re running a relay race in a tar pit.

The Communication Revolution Takes A Step Closer To Rural America

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