Saturday, July 31, 2010

Canada - telecommunications industry represents some 4.6% of gross domestic product or $41 billion

[teleclick] Canadian telecommunications carriers generated revenue of $41 billion in 2009, a 1.8% increase from 2008, despite the recession that dominated the early part of the year.

“The wireless and internet sectors posted positive results, while revenues for long-distance and local residential telephone services continued to decline,” noted Canada’s telecom regulator, the CRTC, in a news release.

Established telecom carriers such as Telus and Bell raked in $18.1 billion, accounting for 44% of the industry total, while cable companies such as Shaw and Rogers increased their share of the pie, capturing a 27% share of residential telephone revenue and 57% of broadband internet sales.

As a whole, the telecommunications industry represents some 4.6% of Canada’s gross domestic product.

Canadian Telecom Industry Generates $41-Billion in 2009

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