Monday, July 25, 2011

France - Regulator has supported govt proposal for a social broadband Internet tariff

[autorite de la concurrence] The Autorité de la concurrence issued an opinion to the French Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry, following a request for its opinion on the implementation of a social broadband Internet tariff, in a referral dated 8 March 2011.

The government's plan is to develop a social tariff for broadband Internet access to reduce the digital divide affecting low income households. In a draft legislation reinforcing the rights, protection and information of consumers1, the Government is proposing setting up the social tariff through a system of labelling. This solution consists in labelling Internet Service Providers' (ISPs) offers that are below a certain price cap for a package of services. All operators would be able to obtain this label after concluding agreements with the government.

The Autorité de la concurrence welcomes a social tariff for broadband Internet access.
It publishes recommendations on the Government's plan for a label.

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