Tuesday, July 19, 2011

UK - Regulator has found 75% of British adults have a home broadband connection

[elite tele.com] According to recent findings led by UK telecommunications watchdog Ofcom, approximately three-quarters of British adults have a home broadband connection.

The regulating body’s latest study, Media Literacy in the Nations, noted that 74 per cent of those aged 16+ have broadband in the home, whilst 76 per cent stated they had some form of Internet access in their household.

Eight in ten interviewed admitted to regularly using the web, displaying a rise of three per cent in the first three months of 2010; with UK residents spending around 9.4 hours a week browsing the Internet in their home.

However, a fifth of non-users claimed to enlist the assistance of a third party in accessing the Internet.

When asked why they were without a broadband connection, 11 per cent listed cost as their main issue – whilst a shocking 47 per cent put their lack of Internet access down to simply not being that interested enough to get online.

Those without broadband also had little to no desire to participate with the online applications and services available, with only 16 per cent motivated in the use of email and 13 per cent looking to make online purchases.

It was estimated that in the final quarter of 2009 there were 16.8 million fixed residential broadband lines throughout the UK.

74% of UK adults with home broadband

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