Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wi-Fi - iPass has added Spectranet, giving it many more hot spots in India including airports

[marketwire] iPass Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS), a leading provider of mobility services for enterprises and service providers, today announced that it has expanded the iPass Mobile Network in India with Spectranet, a pioneer of wireless broadband with Wi-Fi coverage in key locations within ten major Indian municipalities.

"Business travel is increasing in India and our partnership with iPass will allow enterprise users to connect to Wi-Fi coverage in hotels, commercial office spaces, malls and markets," said the head of Spectranet Marketing and Product Development, Sunando Bhattachary. "In India, the last-mile is the biggest challenge in getting a quality connection, which is why Spectranet invested heavily in our own fiber-optic network."

"Thanks to our Spectranet partnership, iPass has extended our Wi-Fi network within strategic locations in India," said Marcio Avillez, vice president of Network Services at iPass. "Indira Gandhi International Airport is the eighth largest airport in the world with over 25 million passengers traveling each year enabling many iPass users to connect to a stable and secure network there and throughout the country."
With the iPass Open Mobile platform, a cloud-based services delivery system, enterprises can enable mobile workers to seamlessly connect their laptops, smartphones and tablets to the iPass Mobile Network -- the world's largest authenticated Wi-Fi network -- while ensuring IT departments have complete visibility and control of network usage, security and costs wherever their employees travel.

iPass Wi-Fi Footprint Grows in India With Spectranet
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