Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nepal - Parliament has called on the regulator to explain irregularities in licences it issued

[cellular news] The Nepalese Parliament is calling on the telecoms regulator to explain what it says are irregularities in the awarding of telecom licenses.

The Public Accounts Committee says that awarding so-called Limited Mobility licenses with a roaming facility between the coverage areas enables the license holders to offer a service that is comparable to a full mobile network, but at a fraction of the license cost.

"The regulator has granted the licence of limited mobility to UTL with roaming facility which is not different than granting the licence of mobile service," another committee member Rabindra Adhikari said, adding that the government lost revenue worth Rs 210 million due to its decision of granting limited mobility licence.

The subcommittee has directed Nepal Telecommunications Authority to explain its decisions to the politicians.

Nepalese Regulator Asked to Explain License Irregularities

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