Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mobile - e-businesses focusing on putting a mobile customer experience strategy in place

[prnewswire] Tealeaf®, the leader in online customer experience management (CEM) software, and OpinionLab, the pioneer and leader in voice-of-customer (VOC) listening technologies and mobile feedback solutions, today announced the results of a survey that was conducted at the Forrester Customer Experience Forum, recently held in New York City. The survey of more than 120 conference attendees indicates that 84 percent of e-business and customer experience professionals feel that putting a mobile customer experience strategy in place is just as or more important than customer experience for fixed websites.

"With the unprecedented adoption of mobile devices, it's becoming an increasing priority to optimize the customer experience on that rapidly growing channel," said Geoff Galat, vice president of worldwide marketing at Tealeaf. "Regardless of whether the platform is a mobile device, tablet or computer, online customer experience is still fraught with issues. As is the case with fixed websites, how successful companies are with their mobile channels will depend largely on their customers' ability to complete transactions easily."

According to the survey, 87 percent of participants believe that online customer experience management is more important now than ever before. In fact, 50 percent view their online customer experience management strategy as a top priority. In terms of adoption, half of the survey participants are already actively engaged in this discipline -- implementing, executing or measuring a comprehensive online customer experience strategy. The remaining 50 percent report they are still in the planning and adoption phases.

"The first step toward improving online customer experience is understanding customer behavior and sentiment," said Rand Nickerson, CEO of OpinionLab. "Successful businesses today know both what consumers are doing and why they're doing it; and they know this because they monitor both consumer feedback and consumer activity. It's a powerful combination."

The top objectives companies have for adopting a CEM strategy this year is to increase customer satisfaction (28 percent) and to attract new customers (19 percent). Other priorities include gaining a competitive advantage, increasing sales, retaining customers and gaining insight into customer struggle.

The Mobile Customer Experience is a Growing Priority for E-Businesses

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