Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nigeria - Regulator claims the new undersea cable from MainOne will enhance broadband adoption in the country

[daily trust] The Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Dr. Eugene Juwah has said the success of submarine fibre venture will enhance broadband acceleration in Nigeria.

After inspecting the facilities of Nigeria's first undersea cable operator, MainOne, in Lagos, he said the success recorded from the submarine operations and services after a year indicates the Commission's commitment to achieving its broadband strategy.

He said with the possibility of availability of huge bandwidth carriers in our shores, including MainOne, "we are confident that our ongoing broadband plans and initiatives will benefit from these international services promoted by indigenous investors and entrepreneurs and managed by indigenous experts."

Juwah said this is why efforts towards the national broadband initiatives will be geared towards expanding the connectivity infrastructure within our local geographical spread to ensure maximization of traffic movement between international and national routes on one hand, and within the local networks on the other.

He said: "You may all be aware that for many years, this sub-region has waited to be delivered from the clutches of SAT3, the only existing, but unreliable submarine cable facility in the region, whose tariffs were also a big challenge."

'Submarine Fibre Will Accelerate Broadband Deployment'

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