Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Roaming - West Africa

Interview with Ndukwe

Q: You mentioned about borderless roaming for West African countries; from the WATRA’s perspective, last year, there was an issue that NCC was working with other regulatory bodies in West Africa to ensure that across the sub-region, roaming charges are removed. How far with that?

A: Yes, I am particularly interested in that as a person. Nigeria needs it, because our people are very entrepreneurial. They travel across Africa, doing business from one country to another - our people travel a lot- and the big drawback is when you have to keep buying SIM cards from one county to another; this is not something we would like to encourage, so, it would be nice if other companies take example of Celtel- this their One Network plan – so that when people move from one country to another, they ‘re able to use their phones without a problem and they use it as if they are using it from their own home countries.

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