Thursday, November 11, 2010

Albania - Vodafone has won a 3G licence beating Eagle Mobile

[cellular-news] Albania's telecoms regulator has awarded the country's first 3G license to Vodafone, after it outbidding Turkish-owned rival Eagle Mobile. Vodafone offered EUR31.4 million (US$43.8 million) for its license, which will be formally granted next week following an allowance for an appeal by the losing bidder.

"The Commission evaluating the offers hereby declares Vodafone the winner of the individual authorization for the 3G technology," an official from Albania's Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications announced the decision to reporters.

The Offer Assessment Commission had evaluated Vodafone's offer with the full 100 points and given Eagle Mobile's offer 46 points.

"Once the five-day limit for complaints expires, Vodafone will be officially declared the winner of the race with a decision of the Steering Council of Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications," the official said.

In September, the country's four mobile networks jointly protested about the regulator's plans to award just the one license, saying that it will stifle competition in the market.

According to figures from the Mobile World, Vodafone is the country's second largest operator behind AMC, with a market share of around 38%.

Vodafone Wins 3G License in Albania

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